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At Butler/Till Health, we believe in some simple truths about the complex world of healthcare marketing communications. First, marketing done well can positively impact audience awareness and health. Second, healthcare media targeting can be daunting, but is always doable. And finally, industry challenges are universal–but solutions rarely are.

2019 PM360 Elite 100 Marketing Team
2019, 2018, 2017 MM&M Top 100 Healthcare Agencies
2018 Health Effie Finalist

Recognize these business challenges?
We thought so.

Challenge 01

Promoting healthy brand growth despite cumbersome industry regulations

Heavy regulations make our communication challenges harder—but not impossible. We work smarter to help our clients achieve critical victories.

Challenge 02

Connecting business results to advertising investment

Chances are, you often get asked the same question we do: “How do we know it worked?” With a combination of deep analytics, exhaustive research, and a willingness to tweak the plan along the way, we can give you answers you’ll be happy to share.

Challenge 03

Converting brand mistrust into earned trust

The healthcare industry has a unique set of challenges, starting with a highly skeptical audience. We’re experts at getting people to trust your brand—even when they may not entirely trust the industry.

Challenge 04

Creating connections with today’s savvier patients

Knowledge is power, and today’s patients are their own best advocates. Our job as healthcare marketing strategists is to respect what they know, then tell them something they don’t—and above all else, make it matter.

Our experience

We help brands connect with patients and healthcare professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, health and hospital systems, and health insurance industries. Together, we’ve solved some of their toughest media and marketing challenges.

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